Inside 1983, Nancy first started matchmaking Steve Harrington, a well-known kid at school, kissing which have your „many times”

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Inside 1983, Nancy first started matchmaking Steve Harrington, a well-known kid at school, kissing which have your „many times”

Barbara Holland, more commonly called Barb, are a repeated character in the 1st 12 months away from Stranger Some thing. She are an informed buddy regarding Nancy Wheeler. In the late 1983, Barb mysteriously vanishes, leading Nancy and Jonathan Byers to research their disappearance. Ultimately, it was showed that she got murdered by Demogorgon. Back in 1984, following the a bill regarding Hawkins Lab’s engagement within her passing, she received a real funeral service.


Born Sep thirteen, 1967, Barbara The netherlands are the new girl out of Mr. and you may Marsha The netherlands and you may was raised for the Hawkins, Indiana. Just before or over till the sixth-grade, she was best friends with Robin Buckley, however, after the two destroyed touch. [1] She attended Hawkins Highschool and also at some point turned the companion from Nancy Wheeler.

Barb looked cautious with Nancy’s relationship with Steve along with her expanding prominence. She shown the girl dislike out-of Steve’s loved ones Tommy and you can Carol, advising Nancy she wanted to keep „hanging around” together.

Barb reluctantly offered to push Nancy so you can an event from the Steve’s house. On group, she tried to shotgun an alcohol is also, beginning they with a blade so she would are part of the rest – not, she affect slashed the girl submit the method. This lead to Barb visiting the toilet to usually their hands whilst anybody else uncaringly continuing having fun versus the girl.

Impression crazy, Barb encountered Nancy since the she ran upstairs to Steve’s bed room. She emotionally ideal to help you Nancy one to she consider she is actually pretending superficially, and not getting correct to by herself. Nancy failed to get her surely, brushing the lady out of and telling the woman to go home.

A lonely Barb seated from the today unused pool, exploring the lady reflection and you will contemplating. Because the she did thus, bloodstream out of her wound trickled compliment of this lady bandage, splashing and dissolving in the water. The brand new Demogorgon was attracted from the smell, abruptly searching at the rear of the woman and you may move her into the Upside-down. Jonathan Byers unknowingly grabbed it time on camera as he hid from the regional dried leaves.


Damage and baffled, Barb woke up throughout the Upside Down’s version of new pond, that was empty. Through to seeing the Demogorgon, she attempted to go up out from the pool, however, she are dragged back and murdered of the Demogorgon. Yet not, this new Demogorgon didn’t completely devour this lady.

At around once Barb had just awoken on the Upside down, Tend to Byers is actually taking walks across the street close when he read the girl cries to have assist just like the she cried away for Nancy repeatedly. Have a tendency to went as fast as he may, but once he hit the brand new pool, Barb was gone as well as that was left regarding the girl was basically geek2geek free app the pair away from glasses you to definitely she had been dressed in. [2]

One another Nancy and you can Mrs The netherlands expanded increasingly worried about Barb when she did not appear to college the next day. Whenever Will’s (fake) system was located, good devastated Mike came back domestic in which their parents was indeed meeting with Barb’s mothers, Nancy fundamentally which have indicated that Barb was destroyed. A short while afterwards, Eleven, if you’re absorbed into the a deep psychic condition, scoured the fresh new Upside down to find Barb and will Byers. She found Barb’s looks, witnessing a-slug-particularly creature slithering regarding Barb’s mouth area and you may across this lady deal with.

Afterwards one night, Master Hopper and you can Will’s mother Joyce registered the newest Ugly regarding individuals collection just like the try to find Often proceeded; it strolled at night remains of your own Demogorgon’s victims, including Barb’s corpse.

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